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Doom Squared Part 10

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I've been looking forward to writing this part for a while now.
I hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to comment.

Doom Squared Part 10


..We opened the yellow door on the west side, since it was the closest. It was a large, brown room with two chubbies who were preoccupied. If these two fat bastards made it to the main fuel vat in the middle, the whole station could blow up. We held up our plasma rifles and aimed. Alex took the left one, I the right.
Just as we extended the cooling barrels on our guns, the far chubby craned what little neck it had in our direction. It let out a hideous bark, and the other quickly darted it's awful green eyes at us.

Two "Firehead mothers", two chubbies, a Caco and a Hell Knight were in this oddly angled room. The main point of intrist, however, was the four pointed star in the middle, made of flesh and metal. Unlike the flesh covered Teleportal Hub, the mussle tissue on this platform was cool, limp and pale. There were also large, dead roots clinging to the walls here. We decided it was useless, and went towards the exit room. A recessed skull switch, which probably lifted the wall to lead to the main Refueling Base.

I pushed. I waited. I regretted.

There was the sound of water flowing through pipes in the walls. The roots on the wall started to pulsate; swelling and contracting. The door suddenly slammed shut and I could hear the hydrolic locks activating. Alex came through on the com, catching me by surprise just when I was starting to feel very nervous.

"Sir, sir! do you read" His voice sounding quite nervous too.

"Yeah, I'm here kid. What in Hell is going on?"

"Sir, haven't you..." The com went into static.

I turned around and looked at the skull switch.

It was bleeding. Red blood was trickling down from the holes and sides. My helmet sensor alarm went off and popped up several messages on the screen.




The skull swich exploded. The room was filling with blood. my emergency air supply in the helmet wasn't working hard enough. the pressure was numbing my hands. my life flashed before my eyes for the third time this year. Playing tag with other suburb kids when I was in grade school. Being a teenager and getting busted for dealing. Military School, where I started remembering a certin phrase.

"Panic brings death"

I had already been to Hell once, and I realy wasn't planning a return visit. I got a grip on myself and pulled out the BFG. I pushed myself right over to the door and held the massive barrel up against the lock.

The smell of melting steel and burning blood is one of the worst things I had come across yet. However, the blood had traveled through the roots and into the star in the middle. It was alive again, and looked alot like an industrial teleporter.

We came out in a storage room with a large steel fire door ahead of us...

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Good, I only wish you'd describe when the Doomguy blasts the lock away (I assume that's what he does right?), instead of just writing that he aims the barrel of the BFG at the lock and then suddenly jump over to describe how the stench of melting steel is horrible - because that's a bit confusing.

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