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New glBSP

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Andrew Apted sent word that version 1.94 of glBSP, the full-3D WAD compiling utility, has been released. Here's a list of the changes in this new version, as sent along:

  • shows percentage while loading and saving.
  • shows warnings when results overflow normal DOOM limits.
  • shows warnings for extremely long linedefs and nodes.
  • fixed serious bug with blockmap truncation code.
  • new -maxblock option gives control over blockmap truncation.
  • fixed some build problems with very narrow subsectors.
  • fixed warnings about 2s linedefs with no left side.
  • new "slightly better than nothing" reject support.
  • code is much more modular: UI has been separated out.
  • improved debugging code.

Note that the DOS version is not available yet.

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