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Our New Morality

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Cory Whittle has updated the Immoral Conduct page with the release of a new version of (you guessed it) Immoral Conduct. There's a few minor changes here and there, but the main reason for this new release is to have a version out that is supported with the new EDGE v1.26.

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Guest j00 equals ded

i always thought immoral conduct was cheating on your wife...

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Guest Black Knight

Not in the way of this guys mind.

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You haven't unlocked the SUPER SECRET GAME MODE yet?

-Start a new game on NITEMARE skill
-Press UP DOWN UP DOWN LEFT LEFT UP RIGHT DOWN DOWN, on the keypad press * 1 3 3 7, kill one imp on the map, then type iddqd FOUR TIMES.

-Now you are in WIFE CHEATING MODE, and have access to the following monsters:

-Single woman

And the following weapons:

-Wedding Ring:
Makes WIFE ignore you.
Take it off, makes single women attracted to you +50%.

-Vodka Cooler:
Only affects single women. Throw it at them to make them attracted to you. Use alt-attack to drink it, and your suaveness will increase by 60%.

Primary Attack:
Reach for you wallet at any given time to make single women notice you.
Use alt-attack to throw wads of cash around, which will attract any single woman in the current level.
NOTE: You MUST use the wallet in the vacinity of WIFE, or she will kill you.

Other stuff will be in the next version...

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