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XWE Extended Again

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Guest Rick Clark


Rise of the Triad was (and is I think) one of the best multi-player games ever. My friend and I played for hours. I wouild love to see the ROTT source relased and ported to the Windows platform.

Blake Stone was suprisingly fun.

Corridor 7, well the word cheesy comes to mind. I think this was the very first FPS wasn't it? It predates that unknown Wolfenstein game I believe (Correct me if I am wrong).

Wolfenstein 3D? Never heard of it. :)

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Guest Captain Napalm

No sorry Rick Corridor 7 was released after Doom and even Wolfenstein 3D is not the first FPS, but a little known game called Catacomb 3D was the first one I believe.

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Guest pablodictter

yeah..catacomb was like the 2nd one.
The first one was called "Hovertank 3D", made by iD and release in 1991...
didn't have textures...just colors for the ceiling, floor and walls. there were sprites though.


i found the info in there. = )

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