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Speedmapping Reminder

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As always on Saturdays, the Speedmapping exercise will take place at 8:00 PM GMT (check this clock to know what time it corresponds to where you live). The challenge consists in creating a complete DOOM map on a specified theme in 100 minutes, no more, no less. If Linguica is not there, I will receive the competitors on irc.telefragged.com #doomworld (you can use this java applet to join if you're not comfortable with irc clients).

Update: Speedmapping pack #15 is available here.

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If you've played my map you might be thinking that the player seems to start in a rather odd and somewhat trick position, and you're right. Unfortunately, I fucked up, the player start was meant to be next to the silver door inside the building, but I moved it so I could quickly check if the main-room trap worked, obviously I forgot to move it back. Ah well, such are the risks of speedmapping I suppose.

You can move it back if you want to play the level as was originally intended or you can try and complete it as it is. Its not impossible, just a bit difficult at the beginning.

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