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Bursted Bubble

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Team Kill's Andrew has sent word that despite a bit of an absence, he's still around and so is the Kill project. The latest progress report is that he has begun work on E2M6 of Kill, with a laboratory theme and which at the end should be quite reminiscent of E1M6 ... of Kill. The bad news is that he accidentally deleted the compiler on his own computer, so is having to compile KillEd while at school, and that he has shelved his Bubble Gum Crisis side-project until such time as he can do appropriate work for it, unless someone else wants to take it over, in which case he asks that hopefuls mail him.

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Guest Ike654

Heh, looks like Arioch forgot that little paragraph in the end of my email about a dude not knowing where he is. Either that, or didn't understand it.

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