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Another Doom GBA Interview

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GBA Zone has posted an interview they conducted with David A. Palmer Productions, the programming team behind the conversion of Doom to the Game Boy Advance. This interview has 2 pages of text followed by 28 never-before-seen screen captures from the GBA port of Doom.

  • Doom GBA is based on Jaguar Doom code.
  • Framerate is expected to be around 15-30fps.
  • There is no single-cart multiplayer mode, due to the large quantities of data that would have to be transferred.
  • Control methods can be chosen from a configuration menu.
  • There will be 28(?) maps and 8 deathmatch-specific maps.
For the entire interview, along with a list of the members of the team and those 28 screenshots, check the interview here. Thanks go to Jason Dyer for pointing this out.

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