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A few questions about skulltag...

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ok, I am just probably missing some ST console command or something, but still...

1. why does skulltag freak out when I try playing a PWAD that has new textures in it? It looks quite bad... I mean, ST trys to display an animated wall texture it looks like when this happens, and the textures it does chose are totaly random.
2. Why doesn't the STLauncher see that doom.wad, tnt.wad, and plutonia.wad are all in the same folder as ST? It only detects Doom2.wad for some reason.
and if I try -iwad tnt.wad (or doom.wad or plutonia.wad), it loads the levels just fine, only without about 90% of the graphics. ...help?

and 3. what IP addresses and stuff are good places to go for ST deathmatch, and how do I do it?

well, I hope you can answer these! I also hope to see skulltag's final version, this doom port is great!

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