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Three Mystics

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Yes, a Mystic a day keeps ... Doom Legacy lovers happy. Three more levels in the Mystic series, numbered 6, 7, and 8, have been uploaded for download at Doom Heaven. The Mystic levels follow a void theme and make extensive use of the features of the latest versions Doom Legacy such as 3-D floors. However, a word of warning to software-mode users, that Mystic 8 does not work well in software mode rendering, but does look as intended in accelerated mode.

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I just tested the other mystics in software mode, they nearly all have that HOM problem.

I still dont know what is causing it. Sugestions are very welcome, I want to fix these as soon as possible.

I think you guys must be talking about something else, the Mysticmeg TC isnt anywhere near finished yet.

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