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New Immoral Conduct

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A nice update for 1.27 1.27 seems good, the mods for it seem stable.

I haven't fully sussed out the satchel charges. You have to have line of sight to blow them up using the remote right?

There is an interesting effect if the charge is behind a monster (at least I think this is what happens). On MAP02 of Doom2, right at the start, if I throw a satchel charge, and then try to blow it up, the charge can be hidden by I'm guessing, either the low wall, or the former humans. When I click the remote, the humans cry out in pain as if they have been hit, but don't wake up (they just go back to their idle state). If I move slightly to get a better view of the charge, I can blow it up.

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yeah, it looks like an invisible Edge splash effect to damage the remote mines and make them explode. This had the added affect of hurting and killing enemies, an unmwanted result indeed. I like Immoral Conduct, and this is a fine undate from the crash happy Edge 1.24 and up to OpenGl visuals. Cheers Cory.

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