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Kevin Cloud Interview

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The Dteam 3D Design Guild page has posted a short interview they conducted with id Software artist Kevin Cloud. The interview centers around the new Doom game yet is predictably short on detail as id Software is as tight-lipped about the new game as ever.

dolo: What kinds of technical innovation can we see with Doom 3 and what facet of Doom 3 impresses you the most right now?
Kevin Cloud: There is still some R&D going into DOOM and John and Adrian would put a contract out on me if I talked specifically about innovations in DOOM

For the full interview, click here. Thanks go to mewse, Dima, and Jens Rösner.

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Guest Johnny Magnum

The upcoming Doom game is going to be one of the best games ever made I think. I can't wait til' it's released.

Quote: "It's only a flesh wound."
Monty Python

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