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The /repeatstuff Chronicles #64

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A pleasant six new WAD files are brought to us this week, as we celebrate yet another edition of the new things found in Newstuff.

  • Death Murder Kill by Philip Renshaw - (img) - A simple modification, one new map for Doom 2. It has thin, dark hallways, and open areas, without any detail and with lots of strange texture combinations. Playability isn't all that special. Monsters and ammunition thrown into the map. There isn't enough health or ammo to go around. That's about it.
  • Sureal: The First Wave Of Stupidity by Johnny Magnum - A somewhat large collection of modified sprites and homemade sounds. A variety of graphics, mostly weapon and player graphic replacements. And then a generous collection of voice-produced sounds. It could be a bit interesting.
  • The Lost Seraphim by Virgil - (img) (img) - This is a very impressive four-level modification for Doom 2. Although quite difficult, this WAD drives you into a rich, demonic world. The maps look absolutely beautiful, with just the right amount of detail. Ammo and health is balanced quite well, although the occasional ambush of monsters may be simply overwhelming for some people. Lots of great scripts are used in this WAD, and four excellent MOD music replacements are used. Requires ZDoom.
  • Die by Inferno - (img) - One map for Doom 2. Two Cyberdemons, a Spiderdemon, and a Romero head. Oh yes, and a BFG. Very simple stuff.
  • Underworld Beta - Release 3 by Various Authors - (img) (img) - The quality goes on. This is a nine-level modification for Doom 2. The detail in these maps are somewhat sub-par, play the architecture and playability is right up there. Ammo and health is balanced very well all around, and some well-placed scripts keep the game refreshing and entertaining. There are a few good music replacements as well. Requires ZDoom.
  • 1500AD by Jaime Landauer - (img) - One map for Ultimate DOOM this time. This level is pretty much average. A variety of indoor and outdoor areas, some slime-filled tunnels, and a few minor puzzles to solve. It puts up a reasonable challenge. Music from E1M5 is used.

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