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And Death Came Along

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fen boi: everybody is allowed a few mistakes in their lives. Pablo will realize and come crawling back. ;-)

ADCL shots look good...look much roomier then one flew over the cacos nest...I'm ripping my hair out trying to play that one.

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Guest pablodictter

Relik: Sorry dude. Won't be able to make maps for Skull Taggy = (

Fen Boi: Yeah. Quake (all games) are (to me) more fun than Doom. I edit for Doom 'cause is easy, but know that I know and I'm getting the hang of it, Doom will be a thing that I won't do. Maybe, twice a year or something.

Fishy: When I get this wad released, you'll notice that the txt will say something about my final doom project.

the wad is like 80% finished or so. hehehe.
maybe, if I work hard on it, you might be able to download the wad next week. hehehehe.

Thanks for the coments dudes!

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