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Designed By A Rocket

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Not as flashy looking as some of your other Legacy wads ('processing acid' and 'plexidome') but an excellent little deathmatch level despite all the brown textures. I hope you have more of these up your sleeve.

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Well yea , I'v got some things up my sleeve no doubt about that , a few maps but finding the time to bust them out is another thing and yea PA and PD were kinda outter world or space DM themed - DOOMIFIDE was a base off of a Quake3 , Rocket Arena map called Thunder Struck - more info in the readme , I had probs thinking of a name for it becuase it has been DooMifide by me ,so what do you call a q3 mod map made for Doom2 ? heh so there you have it..

my next maps will be a mix of all three basicly , its just gonna take a sec and i might redisign one of them in the process and will NOT be base offs..

I'v been meaning to tell you thanks for hosting my wad at your site aswell as PA , so thanks you man !!
I'll let you know when something starts to fall out of my sleeve again :)

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