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Veni Vidi Vavoom

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Vavoom 1.11.2 is out. Here is what Janis Legzdinsh, the author, has to say about his new baby:

It fixes some isues with Direct3D, a problem with Hexen where you were able to play only with fighter and some other small isues. But most importantly it fixes "slow motion" bug, something that a lots of players were complaining about. I also finally added bots to Hexen.

To get the new version of this DOOM/Heretic/Hexen source port, click here and find your way to the download page.

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Hexen is great for DM.

I remember playing in a map in episode 3 iirc, it was mainly rocks. but had this sparkle bridge over a pit, my brother ran out on this bridge from 1 of the 3 directions and I came on the middle conjunction, he was mage I was warrior. I was carrying the sledge hammer and smashed him so his head flew off. Oh what joy that frag was. :D

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