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ZDoom Goodies

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Jesus, 4 betas in a single week.

Oh well, I'm not complaining. I'll download as soon as I get home. :)

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In Randy's own words:

"...it has a #wadauthor switch you can use so that WadAuthor's error checker will be able to properly detect which scripts are present in a level. You can either add it to the script source for each of your maps or uncomment the line in zcommon.acs and forget about it. It's not enabled by default because it adds an extra 16 bytes per script to the compiled .o file that ZDoom will just ignore when it loads the BEHAVIOR."

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This ACC still parses incorrectly if there are no arguments for specials, internal and external functions. If you see a "syntax" error followed by "missing right paren" what you really did was make an argument error mistake.

Yes, I've told Randy. Fix is fairly simple, check for right paren when parsing for arguments. I fixed DeePACC to report correctly for no args (some of the new specials have no args) as well as the wrong number of args (telling you the arg count expected). Helps a bit, because it doesn't stop parsing, so you get more errors at once.

This new version will work with older DeePsea versions, however, it will always turn out "compact" code, which is not a big deal, unless you are doing HEXEN:)

WA looks at the ACC BEHAVIOR object to find "script numbers". Since the object format was changed, WA would report an error when not detecting scripts invoked by map specials. You wouldn't see this unless you used the newer ACC.

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