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C0oL, now...

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There was this guy named Cyberdemon, whom apparently was a very frequent news hog on the July 1999 news page of this site, until the php set in and all the oldnews pages got corrupted, but that is besides the gimmick here.

On that old page, it said something about Zort. Apparently there was a Zort series, but since XOOM has been dispatched along with hundreds of DOOM pages, are these old Zort series levels still around?

-- new topic below, but not suited outside this post, for it has too much ranting... --

BTW, where's all our news? It seems to be not as frequent as it once was (everyday, like planetquake.com). But don't fret, I know that it is because we have one news poster (Julian). I guess Real Life (TM) is getting in everyone else's way.


-- end new topic --

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Cyberdemon as Mike "Cyberdemon" Watson?
I've never heard of the Zort series. You may want to look for it here, and if you can't find there, well....

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yep, that's him.

apparently, I have now found his website, but just like "the fugue" (former quake website), it has been turned into some kind of journal, and when a site goes from good to bad in that quick of a second, there's a problem...

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