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10 For The 9th

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Guest (Unknown)

Does not load for me...

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Thanks for your comments, Erik! Also, thanks to everyone who commented on the shots at Doom Center.

Here's the status of the maps

E4M1 - (mine) complete
E4M2 - (Tobias) in progress
E4M3 - (mine) close to completion
E4M4 - (Damian) complete, some small changes required
E4M5 - (Pablo) Done
E4M6 - (Pablo) Done
E4M7 - (Varun) in progress, just started
E4M8 - (Tobias) Done, but we're thinking of making a new map in it's place
E4M9 - (Damian) this is the only one we've not started with yet.

In the Doom Center gallery, Pics 1, 2, 3 are from E4M2, pics 4, 5, 6, 7 are from E4M3, and pics 8, 9, 10 are from E4M7.

Many of the music tracks have been finished as well. Varun's made an awesome Titlepic.

Right now, our main focus is to finish the maps. After that, we'll fine tune the gameplay and put together all the maps and resources.

Progress is not as fast as we'd like it to be (real life!), but there IS progress :). It would be bad on our part if we rushed things and released it just for the sake of getting it finished.

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Thanks for the report Karthik. The themes in those shots are my favourite themes, really looking forward to this, keep up the excellent work and don't rush =)

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