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java doom

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Hi! I've been playing around with the idea for java doom for quite some time. However, there are some problem with it.

1. The code, (atleast id soft code) would have to be completly rewritten. Okay, that might not be so bad, but it would take ALOT of time.

2. Is the goal to make an "applet doom" or "java app doom", applet doom would require that the wad files would be organized in another way.

I made a "port" a couple of years ago, but i ended up with not using much of the orginal source, and instead making a engine that was simillar to encore etc etc.

Java doom, or a second generation raycaster for java is a very cool idea, but isn't it a better idea to make a complete new game instead?
With everything made by the fans?.

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Someone posted a thread about him making something like this, don't know who...sorry dude.

But it looked pretty good, he put a lot of work into it. Well I would imagine so.

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i think i recall seing something about java doom on a site somewere.... if i remember it correctly they had written a c to java bytecode compiler.... or maybe i've dreamt it... :)

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