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(1992) Discovery Channel Wearable Computers ("Beyond 2000" series)

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So I guess Discovery has always been full of flashy shit and not just recently? I guess smaller was always better. She presents the idea of wearing a keyboard around your waist so you can work from anywhere. You mean like a laptop? It was a technology back then.

Why would anyone wear a computer in an ambulance when it can just be a unit on the interior of the ambulance? My friend has had a Samsung smart spywatch for 2 year until it started shocking her. ... oh but it gets better it was shocking her for more activity or to slow her walking pace so its a feature. Her reaction was to just stop wearing it.

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You can get a keyboard that goes on your wrist. It's milspec equipment though, meant for field use, I guess so you can bring up a power point of your mission objectives on a projector in Kabul or something, I dunno. I am skeptical that the military actually uses them considering there are more practical devices available.

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video said:
"By 1995 al the best dressers under the inventory checkers will wear this computer terminal."

Its funny to see a humanity with technological dreams, instead of the complaining and doom thinking we have now under the guise of reviews.

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