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Free Snakes Music Project

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I have started a music project with the guidance from the guys at #doomtwid

I produce music tracks in .ogg format to be used as background music for those who do not wish to use the default midi stuff. The point of this project is providing original music that suits DOOM for those modders and mappers who wish to use such (and, yes, these tracks are designed to loop)


What this project isn't: 

Jingle Bell Rock as a midi file - Metal versions of the original music - 
Requesting your favorite nickelback song as a midi file - Midi files at all - Dubstep remixes of Jingle Bell Rock 
You can suggest ideas in this thread. If you think a track or more sucks, please tell me why it does that. I use the first two tracks I released as a demo for the doomers here - I need to know what you think.

-The first track for this project is called Rivers of Liquified Bone. This one is a slow and lumbering horror movie theme which takes influence from 70's and 80's italian horror movies, with a bit of Hammer thrown in.

-The second track is called Mountains of Dried Blood. This one is intended as a more of an intense action track with obvious synthwave influence, even though I wouldn't call it synthwave myself.

There are two versions of Rivers of Liquified Bone on soundcloud and I'm letting YOU guys to decide if you prefer the louder version over the original mix (which has more dynamic range and less bass).

You can follow this project on http://www.twitch.tv/freesnakes

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We're having a convo on #doomtwid. Confusion because there's a guy called Snakes already on here and I am not that guy. Just to clarify.

Adding: You can follow my project on twitter too, if you're in to that sort of thing.

I will begin programming the third track in November as I have another project going on top of this musical endeavour

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WildWeasel said:

I wonder what you've got against Jingle Bell Rock. =P

It's not killing music. It doesn't make you want to slaughter things.

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Tetzlaff said:

Reminds me a bit to the style of the soundtrack the old Splatterhouse games.

Never played those. I have to check that out for comparison if I find some on youtube.

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The project continues with two new tracks right before new years.

Intermission Track

I still don't do covers for this project but here's a historical musical trivia gag embedded which involves DOOM.

Love Will Rip And Tear Us Apart Again

This is not the Joy Division cover but something that takes inspiration from early 80's post-punk. Lemmy Kilmister died while I was still writing the track so I left an obvious tribute within the production.

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