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Swedish Fish

Doomnation hosted sites relocating?

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I don't want to imply that Doomnation is dead, but I think that frag com has taken a little bit too long to get things going.
Cyb, any plan to relocate doomnation or re-incarnate in some fashion?

Do any of the hosted sites got a backup plan or possibly already re-located?

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I've given up on doomnation. Once (if) it goes back up i'm mirroring my page for sentimental reasons, then deleting it. I also emailed cyb asking him to remove my access from the news cgi (if it ever comes back up).

It isn't just doomnation I'm angry about, it's all the shit regarding doomserv. All those idiots make me very proud to be a member of the doom community. That's why I've quit as "mascot" of smmu and crucified dreams. The only project i'm going to stay with is rorDoom.

my main lasting tie to the doom community is going to be as a channel operator/maintainer in #doomroom on efnet.

i've decided to go elsewhere, i'm going to be focusing any energy i have on a fairly newer game which isn't released yet. some people from irc already know what i'm talking about.

its too bad, i was almost prepared to write a killer doomserv alternative.

welp, this message has dragged on too far
good luck

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