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How to get SmashDM secrets characters

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Okay, I have had numerous requests on how to access the secret characters in SmashDM. So here it is.

Mewtwo - To access mewtwo, you must beat all the board the platforms level and break the targets with a PERFECT for all the four initial characters.

Doombarrel - The Doombarrel is playable by getting to both secrets level and scoring a perfect on each.

Soon, I'll post walk-through on how to get through the bonus levels since they seem to be a bit hard for many people. When I was making them, I didn't know if they were too hard or too easy. But oh well, I wont leave you hanging.

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Okay, but how do you get to the secret levels?

I beat all of the "smash the targets" levels perfect, and I beat three of the "platform" levels and one of them I got perfect.

I haven't found any secret levels yet. Well, I'll keep trying.

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Okay, I thought I maybe should have explained that

Anyway, to access the two secret levels you must do this:

-Access the secret exit in Mario's board the platforms. It's toward the middle, right before the tall platforms over the lava

Jump once down the pit, jump again to get past the column and use mario's fire jump to land on the platform and access the secret level.

-To access the second secret level, you must have Mewtwo (1st secret characater) Once you have Mewtwo, play it's board the platforms level and as soon as you begin you notice a 5-star powerup and a spring right next to it. Do not land on that spring until your energy is 200 (max). Once you've reached 200 energy, this that spring and you'll slam into a wall, slowly, follow the wall all the way down and go under it and then come up on the other side. (WATCH YOUR ENERGY!) Once you make it all the way back up, you'll find another small platform.

Cross that and you'll off to the second secret level!

Now, its just the task of getting a perfect on those two levels!

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I beat all of the target levels perfect, and beat all the platform levels, two of which were perfect. Didn't your first post say I've already got enough to get Mewtwo?

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