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I can find it... where? I looked in cdrom.com (in doom2 and doom2/deathmatch dirs) but it wasn't there, nope.

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Yes it's a problem. There's a server you want play on...but you can't cause you haven't the wad. Too bad. I've thought about it. A solution is:

-The next csDoom release will have "map download" integrated.

-On the server csDoom runs on, there is a port, 666 for example (http://myCSDoomServer:666), where you can get a info about:

Who's runs this server (admin-mail)
Where you can get the wads
Other comments
Game stats (if the server's log file is fully working)

In the last release of my CSDoom Server Launcher I have such thing integrated for making it easier for the people at all (note: it only runs on windows systems)
Further I plan to integrate ftp too. So you can directly download from the server's csDoom folder.
But it should no problem if we define a standard at all. This means that everybody who runs csDoom servers has to provide infos at port 666 http. If already a webserver is running on that computer, that should no problem at all.

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Guest fod_vile


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