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Guest Ironman

DoomGL slowdown

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Guest Ironman

I'm haveing trouble with slow down on consume thy flesh episode in doom 1. I didn't have slowdown trouble in the other episodes except for maybe one map. Maybe there are more spites to animate on consume thy flesh levels but it still slows down in a room with 4-5 sprites which it didn't do on previous episodes.
Here's my setup.
pII400 mhz,128mg,voodoo3 3000.
I loaded the latest voodoo 3 drivers but it's still the same.
I think the res is 800x600.
Do I need different drivers or is it that my system can't handle a level with a lot of sprites?
Oh Yeah, DoomGL is also suppost to work with doom2 but when you load it up you don't get that 3dfx screen and it just goes to doom2,but that slow down is so bad you can even move for 4-5 seconds. So something is totally wrong there. Any info would help. Thanks.

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Guest Kracov

hey i have just about the same stuff as you, voodoo3 3000. and jdoom, zanzan, and a couple others went really SLOW! its probably the non-voodoo3 support. or the relation of the opengl and v3.

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