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Guest Ike the Killer

Help with Kill wanted!

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Guest Ike the Killer

Currently, I am looking for three people:
1. A coder that can modify the Doom engine slightly.
2. Another artist to helo distribute the load.
3. One more beta-tester.

If you're interested, please E-Mail me at Ike654@aol.com
If you're wondering about what you need to code, check out the Kill page: http://www.angelfire.com/games/asylem/index.html

The modifications won't be anything huge. Just some simple stuff. And, you probably won't do the voxels, as I'm still thinking about them.


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You may want to look into using the new "EDGE" port for your next project. I have heard that you can do deep water and bridges with it and the DDF way of coding is so easy. Just figured I'd suggest.

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