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Guest Icon of Sin

Hello, everyone!

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Guest Icon of Sin

Hey, I'm new here! I've gotta be one of the biggest Doom fans ever (all of my friends agree) and I know a whole lot of info about levels, weapons and enemies throughout the games. I'll try to help out as many people as I can with the games, if they require it.

Anyway, just thought you might wanna know I'm here.

Icon of Sin

And also, if you would like to know, I am working on a TC for Duke 3D, located at
under the nickname of Octabrain.

If anyone would like me to draw weapons for them if they are working on a TC, I will be glad to help, as I drew all of the details on the weapons for the DNZH TC (skins)!

(P.S. Doom land ROCKS!!!)

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Guest destROYer

yes I agree doom land does rock - Itz cuttin up da phat beatz

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