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Where are the IP servers for zdoom?

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You dont want to be using Zdoom for deathmatching.. or if you do, get doomserv (www.doomserv2000.com) read the licence thouroughly...

Or alternatively there is csdoom which has improved netcode designed for large numbers of players, its in the doomworld.com ports section.

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CsDoom doesn't work on my comuter right. I figured out how to get it to run (+set fullscreen 1). But when I join a server (even if it's using standard doom2 levels) I get thrown into a map that the other players aren't in (they in map01 or map16 but I get thrown to map07 or map05). And when I start trying to move in the game, It's like I'm attached to a rubber band
(I start to walk and all the sudden, my view goes back to the start, and it does this continiously until I stop, looks like noclipping when your'e outside the level structure.). Not to mention, when I shoot anything the puff is delayed by about 1/2 second from when I shoot + when I shoot a rocket it explodes at my feet (killing me).
No, I gave up on csdoom because it doesn't work. And all I want to do is play deathmatched doom over the internet.

I don't want to be set up as a server because I don't have anyone to play with (that's why I'm looking for games to join on the internet, so far I haven't found any except for the ones in the csdoom launcher, and that's a dead end).

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