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Guest Draft Evader

comparing DooM & Half-Life,not much i did..!

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Guest Draft Evader

My experinces with these games, be prepared to for travel away from the original topic as it is adrift.
I played thru Half-life before i ever played thru doom2,
I then played doom2 with legacy, I think i loved playing thru doom2 as much as half-life of course i knew doom was dated which i took into account, both games are good, they offer different things but to me equally as fun. It wouldnt of been that way if it wasnt for my thoughts, that after five yrs and q1,q2 and all that internetboom and stuff (i did not know of such things as source codes at that early time)that someone would of done something for mlook for doom,i thought of this because while installing doom2 for the first time (amonth after playing thru HL for the 1st time in april 1999) the setup program came up and i saw the options select controller type.... bzzt-click-clack-snap(my brain sounds) flashbacks of my early doom experiences (I had played doom when it come out back on friends pc and later dabbled just abit into the PSX version but these were not substanial enuff sessions to fully get drawn into and imerse myself into the game which is needed to enjoy it, also cheats(god,weaps,etc) were prevelant from the start, most of us being C=64 kids we were used to the idea of using cheats to play a game as the c-64 games had a way of being ruthless maybe even unjust
(i.e. clipping, it was frustraing at times not much save option back then, I understood the why the Main Badguy(crazy scientist)in the c64 classic Imposs miss 1&2 felt so hostile towards computers and had a motive to do what he did, end the world etc..(didnt u read the story/plot behind the game? It goes briefly from what i remember the Badguy scientist was once just a regular well adjusted citizen, he played video games one he liked in peticular(I cant remmeber the name it was fictional but based on something cutsie like penguins,bubble bobble,platformer)
anyways he played and etc dedicated himself to finishing this game took him along time, lost life, money etc... then one day he was near the end and he knew he could do it(it had something to with acheiving the highest high score aswell >>tangent4>>(gettin a #points score for most games i never found rewarding or much of a to try harder motivation(except wizball I reckon i had the highest ever score(true) with my friend as the cat and me as wiz, we sent the highscore into zzap64 but we never saw it printed, our score did exceed all the ones i ever saw in that magazine)
anyways he was close to having that eternal sacred spot on the hall of fame scoreboard something of that greatness and magnitude(come on!), he was as close as close can be from not actually being there, u know like 99.999999999999999 etc unmeasurably close to Immortality, Respect and general allround suburban coolness in that fish'n'chip shop back in the early 1980's.
Wham, a flicker, a moment of distraction, not even enuff time for the brain to register that he had just been distracted from his concentration on the game, he was still smiling triumphantly, then came the realization of what had just happened the calculation in his brain had been completed he was still looking at the answer that had been presented to him, but didnt quite comprehend it, he understood alright it was dead simple,but comprehension was different, the brain took longer too come up with an answer for this common and simple calculation probably shock taking its toll on brain slowing the clockspeed down somewhat Id say. The conclusion a power failure cut power to that little fish'n'chip shop and all the buildings on that block just for a second if that,he probably iniatally thought he had just double blinked(twice as long as a blink)
(i do it all the time, its common, honest,u might even be double blinking without knowing it,the risk is large,the consequences could be incoprehendable, so dont try and understand just be extremely conscious of your blinking at every awakened moment, think now of your blinking become conscious of it, dont stop thinkin bout the blinkin, with every blink think im actaully blinking,think of it as a physical movement like anything else tthat moves on yer living self, "I am moving my eyelids" nuff said bout blinkin, you r lucky u ppl are gettin such knowledge this stuff isnt known by many ,consider yourselfs a priveldged few, treat what i have taught with respect and discretion we dont want everyone thinkin there in the "know" we need some ppl to be miserable so we dont feel so as bad bout ourselves.
BACK TO THE SUB-SUB-SUB story-off the track somewhere----
it might not of been a double blink he coulda just blinked twice as slow, a second worth of nothingness was probably more than enough for that old gamemachine to lose its pulse, screen go black and millionths of a mili-second later before all the gamma has even escaped,still retaining that warm monitor glow which fades slowly the screen burtsts back into life happy and bouncy and big cutsie colourful menu screen, an annoying little arragement of bleeps and weens is a boppy over-happy themetune plays out from the perfolated holes on sides cabinet,
looking at the screen it all came back to him slowly, the past few seconds that could of been a lifetime,
he saw the words "INSERT COIN TO PLAY"
"CREDITS 0" flashing to be noticed
The screen changed showing the HIGHSCORE TABLE a pinprick worth of fasle optimism was there, he knew really. the screen looked something like this when the chemical makeup of his brain changed forever.
aaa 10000
bbb 8000
ccc 6000
ddd 4000
eee 2000
fff 1000

c Taito
The rest is history he blamed the computers because thay managed and controlled the power he blamed the arcade machine, the cutsie-wootsie game, society and the entire planetearth, he vowed he would have revenge and get back at the thing that falsely promised power,women,treasure and enticed him into the gates of eliteness letting him get so close to 'god' then pushing him off back hurling downward as he took his final-would-of-been-victorious step to makeit, (this is how he saw it a metaphorical vision,with a swiss alps sort of fantasy theme in his head, thats how he saw it in his mind.(He's mad!) He being the hard working, honest, swiss hiker trying to climb a mountain as a great feat of achievement to state how great he is,when getting to top there is a bastard who is mean and ruthless and unjust, they dont care one way or the other, its funny to see someone tryhard work for days,months,yrs and lose it all, this bastard thinks that. the bastard isnt actaully a person in life it was technology/computers but in his vision it was just some bloke, he looked like the keeper of the bridge in 'montypythons' (i think its)"Holy grail" the guy that asks questions/riddles taht need solving before being allowed to cross the bridge, but the Q.s he asked were things like
"What is your favourite colour?"
"what is your name?"
the scientist had gone mad,
he walked outta that fish'n'chip shop with an indifferent expression (if it could of been classed as a expression)
He had motive, the rest is history, he does stuff builds robots badthing to do evil to the earth and eventually blow it up and every circuit board withinit. They will pay for what they done to me, theyll be sorry.
Then u go in as the heroe character and try an stop him with those funky gymnast jumps to aid you in your mission.

"stay awhile.... stay foreverrrr hahahahahahahahhah"
'Badscientist guy'
So I cheated in doom(i just explained my situation) when i was really new to it, which drew alot of the fun away as there was no challenge.
Back to the flashbacks during installion of d00m2, seein the words choose controller type, it came back to me, arg no mouselook i setup with the mouse anyway trying to be hopefull but it was too hard too control oversteppin all over the place constantly having to re-adjust the mouse to the center of the pad
Thinkin the thought (that by this late stage in dooms life someone woulda made something for mlook)<stated somewhere way above on this page i searched for doom related sites, quickly found doomworld and went looking for info on a patch or prog for mlook hoping that such a thing even existed.
I found Legacy
I didnt bother looking into the other ports then, because i didnt know what they were then. I had found it, this was enuff
for me mlook was what i wanted, I got more, woot jumping, higher resolutions, I woulda never got past the 1st map of Doom2 if I hadnt discovered legacy, the idea of playing with the keyboard after id been to using the mouse for most other FPS's, was too much of drawback that i wouldnt of persued in playing the game just too hard with the keys, but with a large thanks to legacy I played through and thourughly enjoyed DOOM2 as much as I did Half-Life, its just they offer different things. But both are brillant games.
This post went way off track i dunno what happened, arghh now the suns up,
U can see my progression of tiredness throughout the post.
That Imposs Mission background story/plot i sorta expanded on
the actual story is in the sleeve of the game if u still own a copy.
This post was never meant to exceed five lines,
something is wrong with me tnite.
Any information on this post is to be used at your own risk, I will not be held responsible in anyway for other peoples actions.
(For the foolish and not too bright)

Please overlook spelling ,grammar and misc english mistakes,
Im in Australia we dont know English very well!!!
Be rest assured im competent with my native tongue, The proud ancient language of Australia -the language being named --- Austrailish.
spoken fer years and a while longer also than a bit
So tahts why my english is bad cuz im not english im Australian Pronounced (ooor-stray-lee-ann)

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Guest Bobbert005

I would post an intelligent response to that, but you lost me around the double blink that reset the machine or something. Is this some sort of response to my Doom vs. Half-Life post or something?

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Guest destROYer

I would like to read that but .....
jezzes christ you have way too much spare time make a tc or something

ps go easy on the coffee

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Nice story; rather entertaining.

I hadn't anything serious to do while downloading SouthPark Ep 409, anyway.

But I wonder what actually was your point. That Legacy is cool? And DOOM, too?

Hm, I knew that before.

That's why I visit Doomworld twice a day, basically.

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