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Refer to the troubleshooting, right??

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Ok you guys... Houston we have a problem...

I don't know why.. but my Doom copy is acting really weird. I've just downloaded ZDoom's port and installed damn right in my cpu, which is an AMD K6, motherboard PC100 (godamned sound on board)... the game is running smooth but i can't get any MIDI or MOD, just the FX sounds. I tried the Dos version of ZDoom and started with a high static sound tha gave me the nerves...

Can you help me? No, you don't (The Fragile - NIN)

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Head on to the zdoom forum at zdoom's homepage http://zdoom.notgod.com

Your problem has been discussed throughoutly and several solutions has been presented :o)

Basically, if you can play .mid files within windows so can zdoom *but* some people has reported that you'll have to mess with the setup for the way your soundcard handles midi, another not so probable cause is that zdoom tries to use a midi output you don't want it to, like for instance the one targeted for external gear, anyway look at the forums and hopefully you'll be able to fix it, so far everyone else has.

That is one smiling smiley btw :o)

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Thank you, man... if we saved Phobos from chaos, we can save Earth too...

Thanks for all :)

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