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Adam Hegyi

Re: "The requirements for Doomgod status..."

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Trying to comment and add to Adam Williamson's post here... he and BahdKo did a pretty damn good summary so I try to be short.

I think the term "Doomgod" isn't as easy to define as one would think. If you watch the demos of Doomgods from '94 and '95, you would notice how much they differ from the best demos of recent times. Just like competition sports evolve, competition doom (let it be DM or SP) evolves too. But still, even if e.g. Johnny Weismuller compares slow to today's swimmers, he still was the best of his time. Similarly the old Doom legends shouldn't be underestimated just because their play seems outdated now.

Since I don't have that much familiar with the DM gods myself (though I do know their stuff, mostly - it's hard to get DM demos of them really), I'm trying to concentrate on SP mostly.
Adam W did a nice coverup of the best SP players of the last 2 years, but I always felt great respect towards these people so I'm putting their names here:

Daniel "Demonlord" Lindgren: you gotta respect this guy for all the incredible stuff he brought to us. It would take a whole page to put down all his efforts, but what I will never forget is the way he punched the cyberdemon with berserk and using no invulnerability. Think about it people, this guy was the FIRST who thought about this idea and executed it! (later some players followed, Patrick Martin, BahdKo and a few more) And that's not enough, he took the cyber down in -fast mode too! Be sure to send a demo of yourself doing the same, to my email address, Maonth :))))))
Kai-Uwe Humpert: This is the guy they asked when someone couldn't complete a level in the first Hell Revealed demoset... enough said :)
Andreas "Anthe" Kren: Well DUH. This man showed NightMare skill is playable. All respect to him.

Oh I don't want to be long and you got the idea I think... lotsa players I missed (the top ones from DHT definately deserve some words too, and DM players I'll leave to BahdKo), lotsa stuff I could've talked about, but I'm already getting long so I cut myself now, here.

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Adam W cant post here because of some ISP problems, so here I paste from him:
A communal message from a group of compet-n'ers, after a somewhat frenetic chat in #nightmare :). we went through various ideas for lists of doomgods, extensions to criteria etc,
and finally decided to just let it be as it is, with these exceptions. 1. in addition to AdamW's earlier categories, we'd like to say that certain DHT players of old would qualify as DoomGods. JR Hoof would be in this category, for instance. Can't think of any rigid qualifications for this group though. 2. we would like to draw attention to a quote from Yonatan Donner in d2dq2116.txt: "Just improve your skill until you can do it too". P.S. for those of you wanting compet-n demos...well...it's a bit hard for now. the server they ought to be hosted on is down. this should change soon. for now, if you're desperate, mail
one of us, best bet is Adam Hegyi, ha211@hszk.bme.hu.
(But I hope to get an update together by the weekend, anyway.)

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Guest Bobbert005

Heh, I guess I was a little loose on my requirements. Hey Adam W, If you're reading this, resend that e-mail, I accidently deleted it before I got the chance to read it :*(

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