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Captain Skippy

Whats going on with DooMscript!?

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Guest Firebrandt

This is what I heard:

First Heretic support will be (fully) implemented in v1.23, then Hexen support in v1.24. After that Randy will start adding Doomscript to ZDoom.

From what I know, Randy already has Doomscript all planned out so I imagine after v1.24 we won't have to wait much longer.

However, that's just what I heard so if anyone knows better, please feel free to correct me. :)

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yes, firebrant is correct, in the beggining of this year randy (author of zdoom) thought that since zdoom allready supports so much of heretic's and hexen's features, that it wouldn't take too much time to let zdoom fully support those.

Randy was maybe a bit optimistic about that, but he has written on the zdoom forum that as soon as he finishes hexen support (heretic should be fully inplemented now) he'll continue on the customizable version of zdoom (doomscript).

This has been further delayed as he's been wathing *alot* of manga /anime ... :o)

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