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Guest null-geodesic

help -- legacy doom on linux and wads

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Guest null-geodesic

help -- i'm going insane.

i have legacy doom 1.29 for linux. i can play doom2.wad, doom1.wad and
doom.wad, all by typing:
./llxdoom -iwad doom2.wad
with a possible -nocheckwadversion for doom.wad and doom1.wad.

i can't play any other wads! i've tried:
tnt.wad, unaided.wad, plutonia.wad, 2Hell.wad
and a few others. most of the error msgs are the same. when i try:
./llxdoom -nocheckwadversion -iwad plutonia.wad
i see the normal stuff (do not distribute...), then:
Error: W_GetNumForName: PLAYPAL not found!

X Error of failed request: BadAccess (attempt to access private resource
Major opcode of failed request: 129 (MIT-SHM)
Minor opcode of failed request: 1 (X_ShmAttach)
Serial number of failed request: 35
Current serial number in output stream: 38

and then llxdoom dies. same thing happens when i try to play the other wads. any ideas how i can play something other than doom2.wad, doom1.wad and doom.wad?


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