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Guest IntX

DWD - Doom Wad Distributor

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Guest IntX

I'm currently working on a doom wad distribution script for IRC.. which will be available for alpha testing soon. Probably be available to you two weeks from now.. probably near the end of this month.. it's going to be like gnutella.. and kind of like napster, but without a master server.. well sort of. IRC would be considered the master server.

So why am I posting this?
If you got any suggestions for it.. tell me. Here are features that I will include: (maybe not in the first release, but..)

-anti-flood protection
-maximum dcc sends/gets
-download queues
-searchable database
-dialog interface
-help! (well.. not fully developed at first)

anyway, that's it pretty much for now. and don't tell me a suggestion like.. 'make it distribute wads..' .. go figure. So maybe you might not say it as directly, but stuff that is obviously going to be included, pelase don't mention it. :)

Ohh yeah, tell me if you wish to be an alpha tester.. and why.

-Your image of life is just how you precieve it,
.. nothing less, nothing more.

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