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Lets have some fun :o)

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It's thime for another of my music wad's for zdoom (only the beta for now..) This one replaces the music of map 01 in doom2.

But... this music is really wierd, the lyrics are in swedish but don't let that confuse you, believe me the lyrics are *very* multi-langual ;o)

This music doesn't make sense, if you listen to long i'm convinced that you'll either hurt yourself or your computer ;o) However its a small (350kb) download from http://www.menthos.com/~andy/zdt/wierd_tune_for_zdoom_beta.zip

simply unzip in your zdoom beta catalogue and use the pwad as you normally would with zdoom -file wierd.wad

have fun - I know I had alot atleast :o)

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