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zdoom part II

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most of you say "its an enhancements" "its the way doom was meant to be" "its not like quake its the TC that you play"

ok.. first of all
the whole point of keeping doom alive is to keep IT alive, not ZDoom

secondly if id software entitled their doom game "zdoom" then there would be no quake or quake2

thirdly, EVERY TC for ZDoom IS like quake, it may not have the ambient sounds but it has the water effect and the gravity effect and the colored lighting and the "wad trick" 2 story floors.

...but then again, thats just my opinion

oh and the doom community is dying, the owners of doomworld just dont want to admit it because they try to act like a huge megasite that only supports the "popular" wads out there.

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Guest spacedog

So if id software named their new doom game after an already existing adaption of doom the the confusion that creates will cause a distortion in time that will wipe quake and quake II from history yet leave Quake III intact?

i haven't seen any zdoom tc that looks like quake, do an of them have a shotgun that you couldn't use to shoot your way out of a paper bag?
I don't think so
Just 'cos they have deep water and variable gravity doesn't make them "like quake" there's a whole bunch of other games that have the same stuff, and what's wrong with that?

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ZDoom is Quake with Doom gameplay. Remember that different doesn't have to be bad; I have seen a lot of good ZDoom-only levels that wouldn't have been what they are without the mix between Doom and Quake features. If you want to play Doom with keyboard and low resolution, do so. I myself don't mind to play with features that id surely would have included if they had been available at that time.

The important thing is that the gameplay remains - that has always been the true strength of Doom, and that is way I remain here in this wretched, pathetic community (don't worry, i'm joking :). Why should much worse looks and less controlling capabilities spoil the gameplay? If you think a little you will realize that ZDoom is ten times as fun to play compared to Quake, even if it looks the same and has the same controls.

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