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I'm looking for a very *RARE* deathmatch level called "SS-MAP01.WAD" (or perhaps "SS-MAP1.WAD"). This is the original level that got turned into Dwango5 Map01 and it is VERY hard to find, therefore.

If anyone has the ORIGINAL (or knows where i can grab it) could you drop me a line?


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Ill trawl through my old CDs (hey I didnt have the internet available to me back then so I spent my cash on those compilation thingies ;)

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Guest Route 666

Believe it or not ive also been searching for this wad ss-map1.wad,,(which was changed to dwango 5 map 1),
it was also part of a megawad known as all_that.wad
which was a kickass deathmatch compilation. If anyone
has either of them please email me im sure ive got
something for you in return.

Thanks and have a dooming christmas.

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