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win 98 illegal operation with dehack ed

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Ive been trying to run tcs for the doom games,on JDoom and ZDoom. But every time i start the dehack ed on the dehack manager i get an error message that says win\98 has performed an illegal operation. It's driving me crazy,this happens with JDoom and ZDoom,I understand that two use the same manager I would like to start playing tcs. So if any of you Doom gurus know of any bugs ,patches,or down loads ,or anything please write back thanks

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I've never heard of some of the things you are talking about, and I use zdoom and dehacked a lot. For starters, zdoom is a game and dehacked is an editing utility, they do not operate together. Do you mean that you are attempting to play a wad with zdoom and load the dehacked patch which comes with the wad? I don't know what this "manager" is that you mention, maybe that's a problem. To play a wad with zdoom which has an associated dehacked patch, just start zdoom from the command line or from a shortcut or batch file. The command is zdoom -file yourwad.wad -deh thepatch.deh Most people who edit for zdoom will put the dehacked patch right into the wad and zdoom will see it and load it, so the only command needed is zdoom -file yourwad.wad.

Again, dehacked.exe is an editing utility used to create dehacked patches....although the patches are text files which can be edited with notepad for example.

I'm ignorant of Jdoom and how it may handle dehacked patches.

Where did you get this "dehack manager" and what does it do? Is it some launcher for doom ports?

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