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Hey doomers,
why does nobody want to help us in creating our deathmatch tc for ZDoom??? Why? Take a look at it...
internet.exit.de/orbitint (the PF site)
...and tell us if you want to join. It's a very cool WAD and we have 4 levels already finished. We want to make 16 at all (or 32 if we find enough guys who help us. If you want to join or if you want to help us in any way (isn't this the same :-P) then get into our forum on...
...and create a new entry in "Want to Join" or take a look at info and mail me :-) Believe me, you'll like it!

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Guest Pikoro

It's really a cool proyect... and you don't know how like me can help you... but I don't know how to make maps...

Please... finish the proyect, seems great to me...


Pikoro D.
(Sorry for the bad english... I speak spanish)

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*Map editing is the one thing I *can't* do.

*Also I have no ability to deathmatch anyway because I don't know anybody to play with - which makes me uniterested, see... no your making me jealous!!! (now i'll cry <sob>)

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