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Guest rworld

FlashDoom: To anyone who knows Flash.

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Guest rworld

Maybe some of you recall the recent post related to a project called FlashDoom. Well, I didn't get much of a response,(possibly because Linguica didn't mention that I needed help, no that I'm trying to say it's his fault, or anything like that.) so I've decided to try again:
If any of you Doomers have a working knowledge of Flash, and are willing to work on a project, contact me at: paradox5@startrekmail.com, or visit my site at: http://www.orbitworld.net/mayrell/rworld / ,visit the FlashDoom section, and follow the instructions you find there.
Basically all that would be involved is mass labor, meaning doing your fair share of the work, which will involve doing something which I won't mention here to prevent copiers.
Action-scripting skills are not required, but would help.
In your e-mail, could you include the following:
Your Real Name
Your E-Mail Address
A description of your skills
Your desired R! World Username
Your desired R! Password
Thanks to all

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