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Did I miss this on DW?

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- Doom will be going back to DLLs, and will be using C++ (with the exception of the rendering code) instead of C
- Carmack feels the visual 'wow factor' of the new Doom will be a greater jump than it was from the recent jumps between Quake/Quake2/Quake3. (Lots of neeto new effects), but it will also focus on actual gameplay instead of just that 'wow factor'
- Single player is the absolute focus, and Carmack feels it will be their best single player experience to date.
- The game and editor/tools are now combined. You'll be able to simply type doom.exe -editor for example (Or maybe even an in-game toggle) (also see story)
- Spending more time on the sound code / game code with the new programmers on the team.
- There probably wont be much discussion on the gameplay specifics since what made Doom so big is always a subject of arguments. (No talking about the game itself)
- All of the Doom code is being written from scratch. Rendering etc.
- A port to XBox is likely, Linux is likely (although it will take some work) and Mac will be OSX only.
- The game will ship including most of the dev/editing tools
- The development/test platform is Windows2000. (They will also support 98/NT)
- The target spec system is very similar to the MSXBox (700mhz range, GeForce or better, except 128megs instead of the 64megs of an XBox)
- Making mods for Doom should be much easier than previous games due to the tools that are being used being on the same platform as the target playing system
- Doom may not be the next game for pro-gaming, he did hint at possible work on Q3A in the future (although if it would be id Software or another contracted company is unknown, probably contract)
- Bots have not been decided upon, depends on how frisky Mr.Elusive is feeling
- There will be a Doom test release much like the Quakes.
- It comes out tomorrow!!!

Other stuff you should check out is the

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