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Doom Legacy Questions

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I got 2 questions.

FIrst how do I get the Doom 3.wad to work, whenever I goto single map, and the map the wad, it just dumps me in the first level of doom2.

Second, is there anyway I can run all the time in Legacy? I hate haveing to always press shift all the time.

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doom3.wad is automatically loaded by legacy but contains no levels- it has some new graphics, like the console and the rocket smoke, but thats all.

And yes, in one of the menus there is 'always run'.

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Lengis said:

So... Does that mean, you cant play with the doom3.wad?

You need to read Teppic's message a little more closely

Doom Legacy automatically loads doom3.wad when you launch it. It contains no new levels, but just some new graphics for the menus, rocket smoke, console background, and other visuals.

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