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Guest giltygear

Open WAD project(s)

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Guest giltygear

Does anyone know about any open WAD projects anywhere? Or if anyone else is interested, would you like to be in one? I'm debating the idea on whether or not to start one myself because I don't know how big it would be. It wouldnt have to be any big, fancy level. Hell, it could be a crappy, small-as-shit level like I have. I do know this: If I do start one, it would be for (Ultimate) DooM, and not DooM ][. You won't find anything posted about it on my site, because I'm constructing a little "DooM" section even as we speak (I'm empowered). If anyone can help me find an open WAD project, or if you're interested in being IN one, drop me a line at my site. Thank You.

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