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Ok, now that I have your attention...

I make up roleplaying gaming systems along with doom editing (and to a lesser extent, help with the EDF.org).

What I do is try to make the gaming system as realistic (physics, can still have fantasy worlds) as possible while still being as simple as possible.

I found a major flaw in DTNC that the creator forgot to consider. The values for creature health, damage, etc. were built around the infrastructure of a fisrt-person-shooter and are not realistic, simply altered to satisfy gameplay balance.

Barons should not have 1000 health unless lower class weapons like the chaingun can catch up. Upon reading, I was shocked to fid that the chaingun and shotguns would take forever to kill a baron, and while playing doom on my computer I have killed barons quite quickly with chaingun/shotguns.

This is only one instance... the Author of this RPG has some *Serious* number crunching and reasoning to do, and it doesn't even account for bullet-proof armor (bullets do no damage through it due to padding). You can't just take these things and use them interchangably with good results.

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Shut up numnuts. Ahem... sorry for using such horrible language =), but if you don't like it, do a better one, and quit flaming.

And yes... I do relize that this is a flame. So sue me, I have one per week.



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I think you need to learn what flaming is, so...

The vast majority of flames go something like this:

"you're level suck i keepp diing it loook crap fuck yu!" etc, etc

sirgalahadwizar actually explained what exactly he thought was wrong, and his opinion on how it should be fixed. Hence it was not a flame.

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