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mac emulation

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I use Macintosh computers and also PC-emulations to run Dos-based source-ports. My advice is to dump your PC and buy a real Computer = a PowerMacintosh (no, just kidding - I you feel good with your PC, keep it).

But for the Wolfenstein 3D for Mac, there is no rom you need, what you need is the Wolfenstein for Macintosh game. Maybe you only need the executable and are able to use the other files from your PC-version.

I own the Wolf for Mac version, which was included on the „Id-Anthology“ box and also all the PC-versions that can be found on the 4 CD´s.

If you find someone who is willing to give you the app-file, you should have to be in a Mac-emulation whilst downloading/receiving the file, because Macintosh programms always comes with a recource AND a data-fork. The recource fork would be deleted on a PC, which only knows data, so the program would be destroyed - there is no way out. Than, after downloading, you would have to save the file on a Macintosh formatted harddrive or a floppy. (Technical information: Mac programms takes less harddrive space than a programm on a PC, because many recources are shared by different parts of the programm)

Please keep in mind that this is also illegal software piracy and should not be asked for on Doomworld´s forum.

The graphics of the mac-version are much better, I have talked about it here on Doomworld´s forum, maybe you remember.

For the software requierements, this is what is need for running Wolf on a Mac:

(From the manual):

System Requirements

Wolfenstein 3D runs on any color Macintosh computer with System 6.0.7 or later and 2200K free memory.

More memory is required if you want to run with all music and sound effects and a game window that fills the screen. If you run the program with only 2200K free, music and sound effects will be disabled until you can free up more memory (or buy more). If you have 6000K free memory available, Wolfenstein 3D will eat it up.

We recommend a 25Mhz 68030 Macintosh or faster, meaning a Macintosh IIci or LC III-class machine. This will let you play at a good speed in the smallest game window. If you want to play with a larger game window, you'll need a faster Macintosh.

Wolfenstein 3D is a "fat binary" and runs entirely in native PowerPC code if you have a Power Macintosh!

Wolfenstein 3D works well with joysticks and pads. We've included a set on this disk for the Gravis GamePad, called "Wolfenstein 3D™ set".

Finally, if you are running any version of System 6, we really recommend that you upgrade to the newest version of System software available.

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thanx, although i dont know how much it will help me. adn roms are illegal too, if you keep em for 24 hours unless you own a copy of the game. i just wanted to play it

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