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This sounds like a VERY good idea...

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I was thinking, you know those md2's for ZDooMGL? Why dont someone replace the Q3:A characters w/ those, and leave in the DooM Guy from Q3:A? That would rock. And if thats not possible, there are a lot of DooM maps for Quake2, example, RiceBugs WHOLE DooM knee-deep episode, and someone could replace Q2's levels with those, add Q3:A texture, and throw in the DooM monsters, and the best model of the DooM Guy you can find online for Q2. That would rock a lot! But dont tell me to do it, cuz' I dont know the first thing about that stuff. Hey, someone should try this, all the crap needed is already made, just needs to be thrown together! Who, that would be sweet!

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Okay, I wasn't calling you a putz. That was my sig. line. I made some necessary changes and now that confusin won't happen.


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