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Hey, destROYer!

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Hey, that caco-pet rocks! Heh. Thus I cant get sound to work with it, not like I need to, the game is fun! Hmm, im getting to think, there are so many DooM-MiNi games...
I was thinking that I could put all the DooM mini games on a cd, or a web page, there are:
DooM-Ball> mine {like super breakout, ok}
DooM-Land> yours
Caco-Pet> yours {rocks!!!}
Super-Cacout> Whoes was that? {like doom ball}
DTNC> I forgot who made that too... {rpg}
DooM-Sims> mine {just skins}
DooM-Armageddon> mine {made with the armies of armageddon engine}
Man, if I had a job, I would host a web page called: "DooM-MiNi Games". Hehe, cool. -Jeremy

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I was working on a little windowmaker cacodemon dockapp a while ago, but its still vapourwear.

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Guest destROYer

hey thats my name!
the most likely reason you cant get the sound working is : there aint any..... :)
that "other" doom ball is part of doomland (hopefuly done in 3 weeks) and the cacopet may be in it too. As youve probably heard: doomland will have 2d scrolling, shooting gallery, above levels, battle mode and probably an imp driving a steam roller!
if you have any OTHER ideas send em into me!!please

not having a job is no reason not to have a website, im 15 and look at mine!
-btw owning a website is not comon in new zealand

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