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Guest Xec96x

Mac Doom ports?

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Guest Xec96x

Anyone know of any Doom ports for doom? And how about multiplayer for mac? I havn't seen any ctf/dm mods anywhere.

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Have a look in the 'ports' section at the entrance to doomworld.com- lots of ports listed there, some mac ones too.

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Hi, Mac-comrade.

Legacy will release a native Mac-version in the near future. I am waiting for it like you (maybe you also use to use PC-emulations for Dos ports).

The Legacy homepage is:

Legacy is an excellant port with lots of features (all described on their very well made homepage)

This is what I posted some days ago on the source-port section here on Doomworld:

"MacLegacy would help me out of this emulation-hell.
The developers are:
Bill Heinemann (not related with me) and
Calum Robinson
Bill Heinemann was involved in the devolopement of Wolfenstein3D for the Mac.

their emails:
Bill Heineman: burgerbill@users.sourceforge.net
Calum Robinson: calumr@users.sourceforge.net

Maybe you could offer your service as a beta-tester?
In every case they would be happy about some kind words, I think.
But you can also post your question on the Legacy-forum:


Please feel free to contact me with every Doom on Mac question."

Well, and there is also a heretic port for the Mac, available at the source-port section here. It is made by Brad Oliver and works fine (comes with the shareware iwad).
Neither Brad Oliver nor his homepage is still reachable, I do not know what has happened to him, so go and download it as long as it is still available here. For loading Heretic pwads you need a registered iwad from the Dos version, the shareware iwad will not work for addons, even though Brad Oliver gave the programm-file the ability to load add-ons. Maybe some recources are missing in the shareware iwad.

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