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internet explorer 5

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k, i have no idea whats wrong with my IE (those of you who are gonna say "duh this is a doom forum please dont post nondoom stuff.." shut the hell up this is important)

k, the font is really BIG when i few websites for some odd reason, and it happened right when i downloaded ie5

its like, even on doomworld the font is twice as big as it should be, i tried reinstalling it, uninstalling it, re-reinstalling it... anyone got any tips?

oh yah, map 03 shots of lms2: redemption, http://arise.to/redemption

kinda dark, but hey... its in a forest

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Try selecting View from the top (it's right between Edit and Favorites) then "text size" from the drop down menu. You should be able to select a range of text sizes ranging from largest to smallest. Test a few out until it looks right to you.

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