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Doom - Evil Unleashed 3.7 + End

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Inferno – Part 7


The door in front of me was made of dried wood. A huge, demonic skull hung at the center of the door. It looked like the skull of a cyberdemon, like the one I defeated on Deimos.
Deimos I thought wearily to myself. Deimos was where I had felt an enormous relief and where I had thought that the nightmare had ended.

I stared at the door with a dull expression. I was so tired that every movement was a pain. I felt like I could sleep for weeks on end. My legs hurt and my feet felt like lead. My arms were sore as well and my equipment just felt terribly heavy. My own sanity was well under way to give way to insanity too if that hadn't occurred already.
There was no water left in my drinking bottle and I was horribly thirsty.
I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer, but I was determined to fight on until the end.

Wearily, I walked forward. I pulled the rusty handle on the left side of the door and the door opened, revealing a long hallway with walls composed of strange flesh fused with what seemed like manmade machinery. I could feel the vibration of the working machinery.
Then a thought popped up in my mind.

I remembered the ruined machine I had seen quite a while back. It felt like it had been ages ago. I had concluded that it was a failed attempt at making a portal, which had blown up. The bizarre machinery back then was dead, but here, the low humming noise and the vibration hinted that the machinery was still working. There was a slight chance that I could be transported home. But I reminded myself that the most important thing was to destroy the gateway. I remembered the manmade translocator on Deimos. The whirlpool hadn’t disappeared until a couple seconds after I ruined the machinery, which probably meant that the vortex could be upheld a very short while after the power supply had been terminated. If I were lucky, the demons’ gateway worked in a similar fashion.
If the thing works at all! I reminded myself. But I had gained a small hope and the hope gave me strength.

I walked slowly down the hallway, which led to a huge courtyard. I found myself on a level above the courtyard.
I gasped in awe.
Ahead of me was a huge machine. It was bigger than the demonic machine I had encountered before, but it was very similar in construction. It was composed of the same material, it seemed. Human flesh, magical crystals and man-made technology. Stairs led to a huge, Satanic platform of green marble, which had a pentagram drawn across the marble picture of a terrifying goat-like demon. The picture of a demon I hadn’t encountered in person, but I had seen similar marble faces on my dreadful journey.
An elliptical, spiked frame marked the gate itself. It was currently not activated, but the construction of the gate itself seemed to be complete.
My guess was that the power source was not yet big enough to transport large hordes of demons, but it should be sufficient for that one person who was going through it – me.

I checked the area, but found that the place seemed deserted. The courtyard had an X-like shape – each “arm” ending in a strange cavern that appeared to be eviscerated into the marble walls.

I didn’t feel like investigating the caverns.

Exhaustion took over again. My body screamed for some rest and some water, so I leapt down from the plateau and hurried over to the portal.

I had almost reached the machine when a wall of flame suddenly shot up, surrounding the portal machine, blocking any entry. I stared disheartened at the wall of fire. It seemed to be a kind of deadly force field consisting of hellfire.

A horrible sound echoed across the courtyard. It sounded like some otherworldly scream, high-pitched and horribly distorted. It was no physical sound, merely something I heard in my mind, yet it was so loud that my head hurt from it and it seemed to come from everywhere. I didn’t for a moment doubt that the sound came from a creature of some terrible form.

I heard a terrible grinding noise, like lots of huge metallic feet pounding on rocky ground and looked around feverishly. Then I saw it.

The most abhorable thing I had yet encountered emerged from one of the caverns. It was a very large, spideresque abomination.
A cybernetic nightmare, with a robotic body. The thing itself was basically an enormous brain with a terribly evil face at the center.

The actual monster itself was encapsulated within a glass-like dome and beneath the brain-head was the center of its cybernetic body, from which all four legs were connected.
I noticed a turret with a large, six-barreled gun – the infantryman’s worst nightmare: The chain gun cannon!

The chain gun cannon was basically a slow-firing version of the assault chain gun. It fired caliber 15.6 shells, which were highly powerful. Each round created an effect somewhat less powerful than a regular hand grenade, but it was enough to blow marines to smithereens despite their armor. Surviving a hit from a burst from one of these suckers was highly unlikely, so I knew that I was in deep shit when I saw that turret.

It was about a hundred meters away from me.The nightmarish being began to move towards me. The ground shook beneath my feet as the monstrous creature moved.
The turret swung around, pointing the six-barreled auto cannon at me and the barrels began to spin around with a heavy, metallic whirring sound.

I ran around the flame protected gateway, so that the force field obstructed the spider’s line of sight, and avoided the spray of certain death, which the auto cannon rained upon the ground where I had been a moment before.
The heavy grinding of its mechanical feet drew closer rather fast. I knew that it had reached the protected gateway.
I attempted to take the monster from the rear, but when I rounded the portal machine, I saw that the spider brain was facing me and that its turret pointed in my direction.

The thing had huge, insect-like fangs protruding from the side of its mouth, which was filled with row upon row of narrow, sharp teeth. The thing had a few small holes just above its jaw, which appeared to be its “respirational device” through which it breathed. Its eyes seemed small in comparison with the rest of its head, but each eye seemed to be about the size of a soccer ball and were blood red, but with black pupils. I could see how its nervous system in its huge, light-gray brain pumped blood around, making the brain mass wobble. It had two parallel rows of spikes with three spikes in each row protruding from its massive brain, almost like the spikes which the red, floating thingies had, but these were shorter and were covered with a slimy substance.

The monstrous spider demon glared at me with its horribly ugly eyes. It made an aggressive vibrating sound, like a sort of dangerous killer grasshopper, which had grown to a hundred times its own size.

I narrowly avoided the burst of shells, which blew up the floor in front of me. The thing could clearly sense me, knowing exactly where I was and I had only been saved by my quick reactions.

Damn! Now what!? I thought, feeling a spark of panic. It was out of question to try and flank the creature in any way as its brain seemingly gave it enormously high senses, which allowed it to track me easily.
Thoughts raced through my mind. I was desperately looking for a solution and put up suggestions in my mind. I could hear the spider’s four metallic feet draw nearer.

Must try and attack it before it even fires at me! I was a good runner and capable of moving extraordinarily fast, but it wasn’t enough. Out of question! It knows my every damn movement and it will be ready for me! The pounding feet seemed to be just around the corner of the flame barrier. I saw a huge, misshaped shadow fall across the green marble floor.
I must attack it from above! I thought. Can’t do that! There is nothing to climb and even if there was there wouldn’t be enough time! And I can’t fly!

Above... I thought again. I heard ghostly echoes in my mind and it wasn’t the incessant babbling of the damned. I saw fellow ISSDU marines inside an installation on Earth, waiting behind cover. I saw a wall be blown apart by the shells of a chain gun cannon.
I heard my own voice: “Go and get the laser torch from our APLP and draw the suckers’ attention by starting burning through the roof above ‘em, but DON'T proceed to burn all the way through, just draw their attention away from us and get the heck outta the way, got it?!”

Some of the words remained in my mind. ..draw the suckers’ attention..

The monster rounded the corner. It swung its turret around and fired at me, but I leapt aside and retreated further away from it. The creature made an eerie clicking sound with its hideous fang-teeth.
Draw the sucker’s attention! That's it! I thought and pulled out the BFG 9000. It was charged with 250 units. I grabbed one of my remaining rockets. I knew that it was possible to use them as a sort of hand grenade. The rocket could be armed by hammering the bottom hard against something pointy.

I looked over the shoulder. I saw the moving shadow of the monster on the ground. It was gaining on me. I pulled out a single bullet, hammered the bottom of the rocket against the pointy end of it as hard as I could, turned around and hurled the rocket into the air as far as I could. The rocket sailed in a tight arch above the spot where I estimated that the spider brain was.
The rocket exploded in mid-air and the grinding noise of the spider’s moving feet stopped briefly, before I heard it turn around.

I rushed around the fire barrier, while pulling the trigger of my monstrous weapon. The weapon hummed, charging up the energy needed for the plasma ball. I heard the heavy pounding of the chain gun cannon as the monster fired in the direction, where it had estimated that it had been assaulted from, which was in the entirely wrong direction all the same. I leapt out of hiding with a hoarse battle cry, which echoed throughout the courtyard. The Spider brain turned around just as the green ball of energy flew out of my gun, expanding while traveling towards the monster. I threw myself to the ground.

The plasma ball exploded with a bright, greenish flash and I heard a shrill, otherworldly scream from the monster. Metallic parts flew from the cybernetic terror and some of them scratched my already battered armor.
The flash died away, but the robotic body of the monster began to explode in various places. The monster fell. In my mind a loud sound, almost like a sigh, reverberated throughout my brain. The thing crashed to the ground and blew up before my eyes. I shaded my eyes against the fiery light of the explosions.

The noise died away and I slowly got up. Before me lay a mess of ruined flesh, brains, blood and metallic limbs. The loathsome Spiderdemon, which I believed was the one that masterminded the invasion of the Martian moons was no more. I felt a sensation of fulfillment.
A loud sizzling noise suddenly turned my attention towards the force barrier. The fire seemed to die away and the strange, translucent, red light behind the firewall slowly faded away.

It was apparently controlled by the Spiderdemon’s brain and since it was destroyed now, it could no longer hold the barrier around the hellish portal device.

Walking around the device, I found a skull switch at the center of a strange mass of slimy flesh, intestines and machinery. Finding no other means of activating the vortex, I placed my hand on the forehead of the skull and depressed it.

A rumbling sound followed and the machine started to vibrate.

Just as I thought that the machine was about to blow up a bright flash blinded me without warning. When my eyes could see again, they witnessed a strange, bluish elliptical shape inside the gate’s doorframe. The glowing shape vibrated and I could feel the forces which were moving around it.

I needed to arm another rocket and use it as a bomb to ruin the essential device and I believed that the vulnerable spot would likely be the central area at the portal switch, because I had blown up the Deimos gate with only one rocket aimed at the central device and the rocket had caused a larger explosion which ruined the Deimos gate completely.

I estimated that I had to move fast to make it.

I whipped out a rocket and hammered its bottom against a spike which stuck out from the mass of flesh and machinery, placed the rocket on the device next to the switch and ran as fast as my tired legs allowed around the device and up the stairs towards the glowing light.

The explosion of the rocket rang out just as I plummeted into the vortex...

With a brief, blue flash everything turned pitch black. I felt a strange, rushing feel. As if I was falling upwards. Horrible shapes appeared all around me. I couldn’t move. They tried to reach out for me but couldn’t and they slowly faded away again. Darkness.
Then suddenly light.


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I opened my eyes and saw a large grassy field before me. The sky above the field was a beautiful orange color. It was evening.
I was looking at a wonderful sunset on Earth. My home.
A pleasant breeze brought the wonderful fresh air into my face. This must be Heaven I thought. After the nightmarish experiences I had had in Hell, this place sure felt like Heaven. I felt relaxed.

It was over.

I had at last come home. Three years on a station of deep boredom and a trip to Hell, which forever would leave its scars on me. Yet I felt good. I had not only cheated the forces of Evil, but I had definitely made them sorry that they even peeked out of the interdiminsional gate. I had proven to be too tough a badass for Hell to keep and the realization of that felt good and washed all memories of the terrible experiences, I had just been through, out of my head. Now I wondered what had happened on Earth while evil had been unleashed on Mars.

I turned around and froze in my tracks. There was a smell in the air. The smell of fire and smoke.
But it wasn’t the smell that made me freeze.

Right in front of me was the severed head of a jackrabbit, impaled on a spiky, wooden stick hammered into the ground. It stared lifelessly at me with its big, cute, dark eyes. Fresh blood flowed from its mouth and ears.
Behind it was a huge city. Fire leapt from several of the buildings and I could see smoke rise from several places within the metropolis. The fire from the burning city was reflected in the side of the rabbit’s left eye.

I sank down on my knees. I suddenly felt the fatigue return and my experiences in Hell flashed before my eyes. My eyelids felt like lead and I could barely keep them open. I could feel how much pressure my body had been subjected to during my battle with the demons from Hell. I had never been so exhausted in my whole life. I had never felt that the situation was so hopeless before – not even when I stood on the highest spot on Deimos and looked down at the horrible sight that was Hell itself.

Oh no!

This had to be a dream I told myself. “This has to be a dream!!!” I yelled. I closed my eyes and opened them again. It didn’t help. The metropolis in front of me was still ablaze.

Evil had been unleashed on my home and all that was left was Hell on Earth...

-------------THE END--------------

(..So far..)

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Very, very, very good, dsm!
AND I see you've left the story open for Hell on Earth!
Time to get crackin'!! :)

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Nice! I wish that the fight with the Spider Mastermind had been longer and more frantic though.

I'd rather see dsm work on Doom 2 (after Castle Wolfenstein)- though obviously taking some creative license with the "levels" (chapters) in the novel.

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Livo said:
Nice! I wish that the fight with the Spider Mastermind had been longer and more frantic though.

Well, I had a hard time seeing how the SM could survive more than one BFG blast (it's just a damn brain on mechanical legs - one blast should be able to disintegrate the brain completely), so I just "beefed up" its chaingun enormously to REALLY make it dangerous, but then made the critter itself weaker than in the game.

I'd rather see dsm work on Doom 2 (after Castle Wolfenstein)- though obviously taking some creative license with the "levels" (chapters) in the novel.

That's exactly my plan - Castle Wolfenstein first, THEN Doom 2.

I always hated the transition between E3 and E4, so usually I ignore the story aspect of E4 and just play E4 seperately (I have a long "tradition" of playing the original three episodes in order as to really "live into" the story).

I've already begun the "planning phase" for my next Doom story - it's going to deviate a li'l more from the game than this story (in terms of the areas that our hero visit etc.), but the basic Doom 2 story elements (Demon invasion of Earth, humans launch attack to retake star port, Doomguy retakes star port, doomguy tracks down Hell gate etc.) will be there.

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